tree  release 2.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 Cbreadth_first_queued_iteratorBreadth-first iterator, using a queue
 Ccompare_nodesComparator class for two nodes of a tree (used for sorting and searching)
 Cfixed_depth_iteratorIterator which traverses only the nodes at a given depth from the root
 Citerator_baseBase class for iterators, only pointers stored, no traversal logic
 Citerator_base_lessComparator class for iterators (compares pointer values; why doesn't this work automatically?)
 Cleaf_iteratorIterator which traverses only the leaves
 Cpost_order_iteratorDepth-first iterator, first accessing the children, then the node itself
 Cpre_order_iteratorDepth-first iterator, first accessing the node, then its children
 Csibling_iteratorIterator which traverses only the nodes which are siblings of each other
 Ctree_node_A node in the tree, combining links to other nodes as well as the actual data