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tree.hh: an STL-like C++ tree class

Kasper Peeters, kasper.peeters (at)

Projects using tree.hh

The tree.hh library is used in various projects:
A field-theory motivated approach to symbolic computer algebra.
Gnash is a GNU Flash movie player. Previously, it was only possible to play flash movies with proprietary software. While there are some other free flash players, none support anything beyond SWF v4. Gnash is based on GameSWF, and supports many SWF v7 features.
A simple non-validating css1 and html parser for C++.
Principles of Compiler Design
A course in compiler design at the Simon Fraser University, Canada.
A library for reading OriginLab OPJ project files, which is used by QtiPlot and LabPlot, two applications for data analysis and visualisation.
A project realizing the idea of a Problem Solving Environment (PSE) in the field of computational electrochemistry. Computer controlled experimental measurements, numerical simulation and analysis of electrochemical processes will be combined under a common user interface.
A semistructured document transformation tool. LZCS compresses structured documents taking advantage of the redundant information that can appear in the structure. The main idea is that frequently repeated subtrees may exist and these can be replaced by a backward reference to their first occurance. See the accompanying paper for more details.
A parser and an API designed to allow applications to very easily support OFX command responses, usually provided by financial institutions for statement downloads.
A genetic programming project
See this paper for more information.
The FreeLing package consists of a library providing language analysis services (such as morfological analysis, date recognition, PoS tagging, etc.)
Let me know about your project when you are using tree.hh, so that I can add it to the list.

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